How to Install Motorized Retractable Screens

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James Moylan

Monday, January 30, 2017

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How are motorized retractable porch screens installed in Maryland and Virginia?

Versatility in an outdoor space is obviously desirable for multiple reasons. Most notably, outdoor spaces tend to be more limited in area, so being able to repurpose space or use space in the most efficient, creative ways becomes really important. Phantom Screens are one element incorporated into this project that helps accomplish this economization and maximization of all usable space.

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What Are Phantom Screens?

Phantom Screens are motorized and retractable screening systems. (Other systems include Fenetex screens and similar products.) They can be installed on nearly any outdoor living space from screen porches to pergolas. Some people even choose to install them in garages or the homes themselves.

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Advantages of Phantom Screens and Fenetex Screens

Outdoor screens have advanced a long way in recent years, as demonstrated by companies like Phantom Screens and Fenetex and all the distinct benefits they offer over more traditional screen systems. 

  • Visual Appeal

When installing retractable screens, they can be recessed into beams or columns. In this way, they are essentially hidden from view. The only remaining visual aspect is the track opening around the area where the screens are installed. This is about an inch and a half thick and very unobtrusive.

  • Fit with New Builds or Existing Spaces

If you already have an outdoor space and are looking to remodel or update the existing structure, Phantom Screens can still be mounted externally.

However, installing this way means you can see both the motor and track. If you can plan ahead and incorporate these screen systems into your plans before construction begins, you’ll get the maximum visual benefit. 

  • Open Barriers from One Space to Another

Perhaps the most important benefit of retractable screens is their ability to either segregate two spaces or to open up the barrier between those two spaces—depending on what you prefer for a given situation. In this way, these screens can be viewed as not only retractable screens but retractable walls.

This current project demonstrates one of the most effective uses of these screens—on patios that open up to more external space. In this current project, the inside patio is approximately 400 square feet, while the outside patio is about 1,000 more square feet. When the Phantom Screens are up, these two separate areas become one connected, cohesive space ideal for outdoor entertaining. When they are down, they are two distinct, usable areas, promoting individualized use of both areas.

  • Work with Varied Designs

Phantom Screens can span up to a twenty-foot opening, which offers a lot of versatility in terms of where they can be installed. Whether you’re building from scratch (as in this project) or modifying an existing outdoor space, it’s very likely that Phantom Screens can be incorporated into that plan.

  • Design Variety

Phantom Screens come with mesh in a large variety of colors and style. While most people gravitate toward the most transparent screens possible (making these screens function in many ways like retractable windows), there are color options for those who desire privacy. These color options are also useful for anyone who wants to match the design scheme or color range of the outdoor living space’s aesthetic.

Color also offers functionality, as it can work as a sun shade. Some people even opt to install these Phantom Screens in homes in order to work in that capacity and to increase overall energy efficiency in the house.

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