How to Choose a Zuri Decking Color for Your Screened Porch

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James Moylan

Monday, February 09, 2015


When it comes to screened porch materials, Zuri synthetic decking is a popular option. Made by Royal Building Products, it replicates the beauty of natural wood by incorporating grain textures with minimal pattern repetition to make each piece look like a unique piece of hardwood. However, because it emulates this characteristic so well, color variability can make it difficult to decide on what style of Zuri to use for a screened-in porch.

Zuri is offered in five colors: chestnut, walnut, pecan, Brazilia, and weathered gray. It is resistant to fading, scratching, and staining and, unlike natural hardwood, it doesn’t require annual sealing, sanding, or preservation measures other than occasional sweeping and gentle mopping. The color a homeowner chooses is there to stay, so it is important to consider the following before committing to a decision:

  • Lighting. If your screened porch receives a lot of natural light, darker colors such as Brazilia and pecan are excellent choices. However, if it sees or will see a lot of shade and shadowing, we recommend choosing a lighter color like weathered gray or chestnut. Colors such as these can bring brightness, energy, and light to an otherwise dim or shadowy space
  • Foot traffic. Light colors like weathered gray and chestnut may require less cleaning, since they are better at concealing dirt, mud, and dust. On darker shades like walnut and Brazilia, footprints and other residue show up much more easily. For this reason, if your screened porch is likely to endure a lot of muddy footprints and paw prints from children, dogs, and visitors, you should probably go lighter
  • Interior coloring.  Also consider the interior hardwood in your home and whether you care if your decking complements it. We recommend choosing decking that is in clear contrast with the hardwood inside, rather than trying to match the color, unless your home’s interior hardwood happens to match one of the Zuri decking colors precisely
  • Style preferences. The choice that is ultimately "right" comes down to the homeowner. Among our customers, walnut and Brazilia are two of the more popular choices; Brazilia’s deep red hue creates an exotic feel, while walnut’s dark and rich hue suggests luxury. Chestnut is bright and cheerful, while pecan is dignified and understated. If it’s a temporary or modern look you’re after, we suggest weathered gray, which gives a refurbished, antique appearance to your floor

If you are thinking of building a screened porch for your home and find yourself wondering what kind of decking and color will work best, give our team a call. We have years of experience in installing Zuri decking and routinely help homeowners make similar decisions.