History of the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

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James Moylan

Friday, January 21, 2022


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Wondering how you’re going to heat the outdoor living space in your Northern Virginia or Maryland home? If you’re considering the relative benefits of a smokeless fire pit, check out these key milestones, dates, and events in one of the industry’s leading company brands: Breeo.

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Breeo Brand Timeline

  • 2011

In 2011, Breeo officially debuted with its original prototype. The company was cofounded in this year by Jonathan Miller, and the flagship product became the first smokeless fire pit ever designed. It began in Ohio, and the goals of this fire pit were twofold: to create less smoke during use and to generate a more even cooking surface.

  • 2014

Three years later, Breeo Industries was formed. That spring, a model known as the “Ablaze” debuted at the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association Expo located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The product secured several honors, including taking home two Vesta Awards for Best-in-Show Outdoor Room Products  and Outdoor Hearth Products.

In the same year, the Zentro and the original Double Flame were also launched.

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  • 2015

This year brought a new fire pit model, the Luxeve, as well as the “Rethinking Fire Tour.” Cofounder Miller and his wife, Janessa, began actively pitching Breeo to both retailers and dealers across the United States. With these efforts, manufacturing moved from the original Ohio to a new location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with PennEagle Manufacturing. (This is where it remains today.)

Breeo has always been dedicated to the made-in-the-USA model. This has given the company additional agility with designing, building, and testing, and it’s allowed them to have visibility and transparency into every stage of the manufacturing process, including quality assurance.

  • 2016

Breeo expanded to seven employees. Total fire pits shipped reached 1,270.

  • 2017

Breeo Industries and Penn Eagle Fabrication officially merged to form Breeo, Inc. On the heels of this change, the company and brand continued to grow, reaching thirteen employees. E-commerce was added to the Breeo platform.

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On the product front, the Double Flame evolved into a stainless steel offering.

  • 2018

Going through another expansion, Breeo added four more employees this year. This brought the total to seventeen.

  • 2019

The original X Series officially launched as the Phoenix. With the addition of products and sales, the employee base grew to twenty-three.

  • 2020

After market research and listening to their customer base, the Outpost, a grilling accessory, was launched.

On the internal side, Breeo rebranded with a new, sleek visual identity, and the team grew in leaps and bounds to forty-nine employees.

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  • 2021

The X Series expansion launched. This included several key changes and additions: stainless steel construction, optional SearPlate, and Insert Rings. To aid user experience, the site also added a fire pit builder feature. The X Series 30 (the largest size to date) was launched. This model used the same technology as the original prototype but featured a decade of modifications, improvements, and adjustments.

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