Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets: From Sheet Metal to High-End Outdoor Cabinetry

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James Moylan

Friday, May 13, 2016

rooftop kitchen with Danver stainless steel outdoor cabinets in New Orleans 

Today, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is one of the leading names in stainless steel outdoor cabinetry, but every company has its beginnings, and Danver is no exception. From its humble start as a struggling sheet metal shop to the high-end business seen today, Danver has come a tremendous way. They accomplished this through hard work coupled with smart adaptions to changing consumer mentalities and demands. 

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The Beginnings of Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry

The company itself began in 1988 when the president, Mitchell Slater, bought a sheet metal shop. The shop had been making copier stands, but it lost a major client, and Slater was looking to turn the company around.

He still wanted to be in the sheet metal industry, but his first products were a departure from what the business had been making. Rather, his products were within the kitchen industry. They started primarily with carts, and they attended a home show with those test products.

“I spent a lot of time with the vendors at that home show, and the vendors suggested that there might be some interest in kitchen cabinetry,” said Slater. “They said people might want doors out of stainless steel as sort of accent pieces.”

Working on that advice and guidance, the company moved forward and manufactured some stainless steel doors for several clients. Everything was on a test basis, but the clients were pleased with the product line, and the company was well on its way to further developing its current product line.

The Next Step

After the prototype doors, Danver made a full kitchen, which they showed in 1999 and again in 2000. At the same time, the company gained traction by winning some more door business with different major kitchen cabinet manufacturers. These manufacturers were primarily making interior wood cabinets, though, so when the request came to put one of their kitchens outside, some adaptations had to be made.

The wood was obviously not durable enough to withstand constant exposure to weather, so an alternate material had to be found. They settled on a PVC foam base covered in stainless steel and worked under that model for several years.

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The Transition to Full Stainless Steel

All the while, Danver was winning more and more jobs as word spread about a company creating cabinetry that was compatible with outdoor kitchens. Eventually (around 2005) the demand reached a point that Danver could justify creating its current model, 100 percent stainless steel exterior cabinets.

Progress and Expansion

Now that the cabinets were manufactured entirely out of stainless steel, the company made a conscious effort not to stagnate. The demand was still increasing, and this forced their cabinets into new areas and styles. To that end, rather than just offering stainless steel cabinets, they began powder coating their products in order to offer a wider variety of colors. They also expanded the available door styles. The increased possible combinations of styles and colors continued to make Danver relevant as outdoor kitchens themselves expanded and became increasingly luxurious, beautiful, and elaborate.

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