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Best Practices When Installing Zuri Decking

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James Moylan

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zuri Decking Install

If you’re thinking about having Zuri Decking installed, you probably already know about most of the benefits you’re going to enjoy from this beautiful, low maintenance deck. No more worrying about scratches, fading, stains – even slipping and falling will be less likely to occur.

But even if you’ve done your research and plan to use a Zuri Decking contractor, you might still have some questions about the installation process. To let people know what to expect – and what they can look out for – below you’ll find a list of best practices.


What You Need to Know to Install Zuri Decking Correctly


1. Comply with local building codes.

This should be an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s in your best interest to contact your local building code compliance office and look into the specific building requirements listed for your area. If you’re using a professional Zuri Decking installer, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it doesn’t hurt for you to educate yourself.


2. One unit at a time.

Zuri Decking comes packaged in a specific way that’s designed to help you get pattern variation for your deck. Because of this, you should ensure your installer only opens and works from a single unit of the decking material at a time. Otherwise, the pieces may become mixed up, and it will look too uniform.


3. Watch the temperature.

While you don’t want to store Zuri Decking in an area where the temperature ever exceeds 120 degrees, it’s just as important not to have the deck installed if it’s colder than 40 degrees. Why? Because the glue and end coat won’t work properly. Professional installers should know this and avoid cooler days.


4. Fascias first.

Before any decking is installed, you need to make sure the fascias are in place and fully cover the framing. Neglecting this important step or doing it out of order will cause the Zuri Trim to have inadequate support.


5. Only use approved fastening systems.

Some people try to cut corners by using a fastening system that hasn’t been approved for use with Zuri Decking, but this is a bad idea. If you want to make sure your deck looks and works great for years to come, stick to the fasteners that have been officially approved.


6. Follow the instructions – and use a professional!

Zuri offers very helpful step-by-step guidelines for installation online, but still recommends that you hire an installation professional to ensure that the job is completed correctly. When you’re dealing with a project this big, you definitely don’t want to make a costly mistake.

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