5 Competitive Advantages of Heatstrip USA Infrared Heaters

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James Moylan

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Heatstrip USA outdoor patio heater installation

When it comes to heating options for any outdoor space, the questions can quickly become overwhelming. Do you go with a fire feature or infrared? How do the costs of installation and operation compare? What options are compatible with my space and most conducive to how I want to use the area? It’s a lot to consider! If you’re currently on the fence about radiant heating specifically, here are five prominent benefits of the Heatstrip USA models to keep in mind as you continue your research:

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1. Ditch the Red Light

With more traditional glow-red heaters, you get that telltale red glowing element coil. This doesn’t happen with radiant Heatstrip USA heaters. (NOTE: Glow red heaters are radiant as well) Since there’s no red light when the heater is operational, you get enhanced ambiance and less visual annoyance, especially at night. (NOTE: the glow red changes people’s skin tone, like when standing under a different colored light)

500x500 Heatstrip Heater Mini

2. Enjoy More Even Heating Coverage

For the same wattage as glow-red heaters, you get a non-glow heater that’s twice as long. This results in more even coverage of heat during operation. This eliminates the common problem of some people within a space feeling too hot and others feeling too cold. Rather, everyone in the path of a radiant non-glow heater can enjoy what feels akin to a warm summer day.

3. Get Longer Usage Times

You can expect a traditional glow-red heater to typically last about five thousand hours, whereas a radiant non-glow heater can last upwards of ten thousand hours. Installation costs for radiant heaters do tend to be higher, but that’s offset over time by longer average life-spans—often as much as two times as long.

4. Combat Corrosion

Some heating options are encased in stainless steel or comparable materials, but this leaves your heaters vulnerable to eventual corrosion. Every Heatstrip USA heater has a ceramic coating, which is fully corrosion resistant. Especially if you’re considering adding heaters to any area with excessive moisture, rust can quickly become a problem. This makes Heatstrip USA products ideal for coastal installs, pool areas, and anywhere with lots of precipitation.

Heatstrip outdoor project (3)

5. Minimize Operation Costs

Radiant heaters generally use less power and are more efficient than other heating options, which means you can enjoy lower operation costs. While numbers fluctuate regionally, electric-based heaters tend to be cheaper than propane gas options. For example, a 2,400 watt heater from Heatstrip USA (the most common size) costs about 25 cents per hour to operate. These numbers depend, of course, on the cost of electricity in your area and the size of heater you’ve selected, so make sure to do the math for your specific situation.

With any home improvement project, the choices and the options stack up quickly. How to heat your outdoor living area is no exception. However, if you haven’t already added radiant heat to your potential list, consider adding one more bullet to your must-research solutions. Radiant heaters, in general, provide distinct benefits, and Heatstrip USA products specifically offer numerous advantages for users.