• Zuri screened porch in Potomac, Maryland front
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  • Zuri decking pergola Bethesda, MD
  • screened porch Bethesda, Maryland with Brazilia Zuri decking
  • Brazilia Zuri decking inlay Bethesda creened porch interior
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  • custom deck column lighting Bethesda, Maryland
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  • integrated deck lights Bethesda, MD premium Zuri decking
  • Sunglo infrared heater for Bethesda, MD screen porch heated up

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This beautiful Zuri deck and screened porch in the Bethesda area of Montgomery County, Maryland is a prime example of what an engineered outdoor living space can and should be. It boasts several features that make it both unique and versatile, including retractable porch screens, low-maintenance Zuri decking, and a slew of integrated low-voltage lighting fixtures.

Entrance to the addition comes by way of two Zuri staircases, in the red-brown Brazilia trim, from the yard or through one of the home's two sliding glass doors. Column sconce lights and in-deck floor lights surround the deck's perimeter while recessed lighting and outdoor ceiling fan lights ensure plenty of visibility for day and night. Investing in exterior lighting is a smart move for homeowners who value safety, ambiance, and/or who would prefer the party never stops.

Decorative 10" columns support the custom-made cedar pergola that resides over a large area of the Brazilia Zuri deck as well as the classy screened-in porch. These are painted white to match the house and overall two-tone color scheme. Custom wrought iron handrails bridge the gap between the columns and deck posts around the entire addition.

The Zuri screen porch is sealed off from the rest of the world with a motorized retractable screens, of which can be seen in action in the video below. Two oversized, artisan-crafted cedar doors are otherwise happy to allow guests in and out in style. Each cedar door is stained to match the decorative ceiling rafters and Brazilia variety Zuri decking.

No expense was spared in outfitting the screened porch with amenities. In addition to the button-operated motorized screens, it is complete with Sunglo infrared heaters, two outdoor ceiling fans, a wall-mounted outdoor television, skylights, and electrical outlets. It also features an interior horizontal inlay that runs perpendicular to the Zuri 45 degree installation angle.