Upscale Screened Porch and Zuri Deck Testimonial

High-end screen room contractor in Bethesda, Maryland

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"What we previously had was a deck that our builder built, and it was two story and it was made out of some kind of pine wood. It was a fantastic deck for its time but it was 20-years-old.

We have a fabulous interior. There's so many things that Jamey suggested and that we worked together with that made it a really special place for our family.  He suggested we arch the roof and make it almost the same level as our high ceilings in our family room, and that made it a completely spectacular porch and deck.

Another terrific idea that Jamey had was a suggestion to use Zuri flooring for our deck. We were struggling about how to have a low-maintenance deck and yet have a beautiful, wood-looking deck. When he came up with the Zuri and I saw it, I was totally amazed because it looks just wood and it's not, and it's low-maintenance and terrific and we love it. We put in heaters so that it would be more liek a 3 seasons room as opposed to summer and spring.

Anything we wanted to do Jamey figured out how to do. We felt like a team. He took the time and effort to meet with us, give his ideas, we gave our suggestions, and really, get it to be a really spectacular deck. I like him so much I'm trying to think of other things for him to do because I know it will get done right, and well, and in a budget I can afford." - Pat Silver, Bethesda Homeowner

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