Sunroom Addition Testimonial in Montgomery County

Certified Interior Remodeling Contractor in Carderock Springs,  Bethesda, Maryland

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"We’ve lived in this neighborhood for about 10 years. It was built by a man by the name of Edmund Bennett, and he was somewhat of a Frank Lloyd Wright philosopher. Most of the houses are built around the environment instead of the environment being built around the house. I needed a better place for my plants, and my partner also wanted a bigger Christmas tree… so that was how it got started to begin with. But then when we began to work with James about it, we decided that we wanted more of a room rather than just a small extension.

Right now it’s used as a dining room more than anything, also a sitting room. But we love to entertain, and we have several community parties and it just was great to have the extra space for people to be able to move around.

We absolutely love it.  It makes us feel like we’ve got a whole new house, all because of the way in which it expanded and opened up everything. We chose James because we wanted to have something that kept the integrity of the neighborhood and its architecture, and that’s exactly what we got.

Working with James was really great. He was sensitive to what our interests were, and responded beautifully and created what we thought was an incredible design. I would recommend James to anyone who wanted to do a project and we actually did recommend him to one neighbor who’s going to begin with him for a project."


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