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Montgomery County has some amazing communities.  Many of them are old, established neighborhoods and heavily wooded.  Design Builders is a design and build firm, meaning we can uniquely create a project that will fit right in with your surroundings.  For this Rockville home, the owner wanted a screened porch that accentuated and complimented the backyard, and did not block the view.  Enter steel cable railing and a screening system clear from beams and cross supports.  



  • 15 X 12 screened porch area with Trex composite flooring 
  • 25 X 4 walkway from front of the home to the porch
  • 8 X 8 grilling area
  • Gable roof with vinyl needed ceiling (also pre wired for future upgrades)
  • Screen Eze screening system 
  • Atlantis steel cable railing
  • Stained pressure treated wood columns and rails (YES, that is pressure treated wood !)

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