Master Bathroom Showcase in Fairfax, Virginia


Home Additions and Screened Rooms in NOVA Customer Testimonial



"When people talk about a master suite, that’s what we wanted. I wanted a big bathroom – the original master bath in here is about 4 square feet. Now, the shower alone I think is bigger than the other bathroom. The separate sink’s I actually got just by Googling master bathrooms, and I saw that in there. And that’s really where the shape of the shower came into. Then we added the walk-in closet. Each of us has a lot of clothes - Julie says I have more clothes than she does - and we made space for both of them.

We did look at other builders as well. We did not find them as responsive as Design Builders was, and ultimately we’ve been very happy. We were happy with the process. We had a very good relationship with James right from the start, and I actually got to play a really really good practical joke on him on April fool’s day, so… and we’re actually still friends with him, so...laughter."

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