Out-of-State Services FAQ

Unique outdoor living spaces and creative home additions are not just for the DMV anymore

While headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Design Builders, Inc. is always looking for opportunities to exercise their creativity and showcase their design capabilities. To this end, we selectively participate in projects that we deem exceptional or unique in some way.


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Q:  I am interested in services offered by Design Builders, Inc. but am located outside of the DMV area. Can I still commission a high-end home improvement project design?

Absolutely! While we cannot guarantee the craftsmanship of work we do not oversee, we offer our high-end design and consultation services to homeowners and small business owners elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic United States and beyond.

Q:  Great, how do I get started? And how do I determine if Design Builders is the right fit for my design build?

It's easy. Simply submit the adjacent form and we'll get in touch to schedule an online consultation. From there, we will talk with you and provide you with additional resources to help you determine if we really are your best fit moving forward.

Q:  How does the online consultation process work?

We provide free estimates to all of our potential customers, but only offer them online to homeowners living outside of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. The process begins with an introduction to one of our experienced design consultants, who will pick your brain to gain an in-depth understanding of the vision you are trying to realize.
Should you decide to move forward, the next action is a roughly 1.5 hour follow-up meeting in which you are presented with an original design proposition in the form of a complete 3-D computer rendering. The rendering is fully interactive and will be modified by our designer in real-time based on your feedback on color options, material choices, and more. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, we can generate a full set of building plans for you to keep. For more information on our online process, please watch this video.

Q.  What will it cost me to have my plans drafted by Design Builders?

All consultations are free, and complete 3D AutoCAD renderings are $500 USD per project. Fees for construction schematics or site plats vary by build categories but start at $2000 USD for a simple deck and increased based on size and complexity. Projects overseen by Design Builders may not be subject to these fees.

Q:  I live in another state or country and must have my outdoor living space or interior renovation completed by Design Builders, Inc. Is there anything I can do to make this happen?

Homeowners unwilling to compromise on the quality of their build should contact Design Builders to discuss options for completing of out-of-state work.