Master Bedroom Showcase in Fairfax,  Virginia

Remodeling & Certified Decking Contractor Customer Testimonial

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"I had a master bedroom with a bathroom that was as wide as my wingspan. I could touch the shower stall on the wall. Decent closet, but not very big.

Now, I have a bathroom that is bigger than one of my bedrooms upsairs, a huge walk-in closet, and just a very nice-sized bedroom with a sitting area to watch t.v. It's just huge compared to what I had.

The tray ceiling, that was Jamey's idea. Our carpenter suggested we have it angled instead of square tray, but it's just, it's...the flooring and the ceiling are the first two things that people really notice. They added so much in that square.

Design Builders, they earn their design name. They gave us the ideas and we went "okay, that sounds great, let's do that!" We talked to another company who had done a similar addition in this neighborhood, and while they were very good, they didn't really have any enthusiasm. When Jamey saw this project, and you know imediately had ideas about what we could do and it gave us so many options and things we would have never thought about.

I would absolutely recommend Design Builders for a project like this. They were so accommodating, they were very attentive, wonderful people to work with, wonderful people in our home, and they did a fabulous job and quality work and we are completely happy with the result." - Julie, screen room NOVA owner

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