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A high-end home addition fitted with two Tesla car charging ports in Potomac, Maryland.


  • Flagstone patio
  • Tesla at-home garage car charger
                This unique garage was constructed as part of a multi-part home addition in Potomac, Maryland. It is fully outfitted with several electrical outlets as well as lighting installations and two 8’ x 7’ garage doors that render it a fully functioning, versatile new structure.

                The materials used in the creation of the garage’s exterior were painstakenly chosen to match the home’s existing façade to the highest possible degree. This means that the 950 sq ft of brick veneer and mortar, slate Grand Manor shingles, gutters and downspouts, and various trim components were all chosen to successfully make the garage and porch appear as though they were original parts of the home. They will last just as long too, thanks to a solid concrete footing base that helps support a sturdy Tyvek wall hidden by the brickwork.

                Light on the garage’s interior comes by way of two modern garage door motors as well as two large windows, which illuminate the coated drywall that [make up] all four walls. In addition to several power outlets for devices such as power washers in the spring and space heaters in the winter for comfortable DIY projects,  it also features two Tesla quick charging outlets – one for each sidewall – also customly installed by Design Builders.

                The garage also features a covered flagstone porch that was successfully merged with an existing patio in the backyard, also made of flagstone. Multiple recessed lights and a flood light assure ample visibility during all times of day, while white flagstone pillars add flair to an already stylish addition.