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  • brownstone Azek deck in Gaithersburg, MD
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This AZEK brownstone low-maintenance PVC deck was built for homeowners in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It utilizes double decking borders around its perimeter to add color contrast to the deck and define its edges. Solid-color handrails straddle the more elevated sides of the deck and were chosen to match the existing windows along the back of the house.

Between two sets of stairs, a permanent bench was integrated into the deck to provide additional seating space and to prevent someone from mistakenly walking off of its side. It also functions as a place to put potted plants for decorative purposes.

The stairs lead down to a crafted patio. On one end, a short wall provides a space to place drinks if kids are playing in the grass and to block off the sloped portion of the backyard. Curved contours provide an aesthetically pleasing break from a standard rectangular patio and work with the deck's design to provide an organic region in which to grow plants and bushes.


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