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Design Review: Porcelain Pavers Rooftop Tile Deck in Logan Circle

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James Moylan

Monday, September 23, 2019

low-maintenance rooftop deck design in Logan Circle

Rooftop Deck Design Study: Archatrak Tile Deck in Washington, DC

In this Washington, DC, project, we created a rooftop deck after replacing an old, failing roof underneath. If you’re currently looking to replace your roof, rooftop deck, or both, check out this modern, clean project for some design inspiration, as well as ideas about a better way to approach rooftop decks in general.

5 Helpful Tips for Planning a Screened Porch in Maryland and Virginia

Posted in: Screen Porch in Maryland, Screen Room, screened porch in Washington, DC, Screened Porch, Screened-in Porch

James Moylan

Thursday, September 12, 2019

double-deck screened porch and deck addition in virginia

In the Washington, DC metro area, summers can be difficult, with the intense heat and humidity and all of the mosquitoes.  Our clients find that screen rooms help them enjoy the outdoors comfortably.  Design Builders Inc. wants you to enjoy your exterior space, so we've put together five helpful hints to consider when building a screen room.

How to Build a Round Deck in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC

Posted in: round deck, curved deck

James Moylan

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Nature is made up of curves and circles, from the bright sun and luminous moon to the majestic oak and the cheerful daisy. While the straight lines and sharp corners of rectangular decks may look neat and orderly, the graceful curves of round decks merge harmoniously with nature.

Once a seldom-seen novelty, the curved deck has become increasingly popular on American properties. A round deck adds a touch of sophistication and individuality to an otherwise conventional yard. When designed well, a deck could curve to match a back window, hug a pool, or curve around a garden.

Considerations When Matching an Existing Home’s Aesthetic with a New Outdoor Living Space

Posted in: home remodeling tips

James Moylan

Monday, August 12, 2019

new screened porch for an existing home in Fulton, Maryland

Factors to Account for When Matching a New Outdoor Living Space to an Existing Home

One of the hardest parts of any renovation or remodel is ensuring the new project works seamlessly with the existing home. If you’re currently looking to add a new outdoor living space to your house, here are some important consideration for not only how to integrate that area into the home’s established aesthetic but how to choose professionals who can help you with that goal.

What are Your Options for Enclosing an Existing Outdoor Space?

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James Moylan

Monday, August 05, 2019

sykesyville-screened-in-porch (17)

Options for Enclosing an Existing Outdoor Space

Lots of homeowners have open outdoor living spaces and, for a variety of reasons, find themselves wondering what their options are to enclose them. Whether you have a front porch with a roof but no screens, a deck, a double deck without screens, or a patio, the logistics of how to enclose these existing spaces is one of the most common questions posed to design and build firms.