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Screened porch, deck, and outdoor kitchen in Frederick County

The Design Builders Case Study: Urbana, MD

Look inside to see how an outdoor living space absolutely transformed this new build!

Urbana porch outdoor kitchen screened porch
Urbana porch outdoor kitchen screened porch

What makes this Urbana project unique?

  • Screens to address the bugs. Maryland gets its fair share of buzzy nuisances in the summer. The screens help ensure the homeowners can enjoy the outdoor space…without the constant swatting.

  • Two different styles of decking. To make the screen porch section look and feel more like interior space, the homeowners went with a 7” tongue-and-groove brown-tone board. To make the exterior space feel more like traditional decking, they went with 5” boards. The gray color blends unobtrusively into the siding, and gaps allow rainwater to drain.

  • Three large-span SCREENEZE windows. Each span is about 20 feet, allowing for uninterrupted views and the feeling of being outdoors. (Check out all these incredible benefits of SCREENEZE.)

  • Privacy wall. Not only does this block unwanted views of neighbors, but it also creates the look and feel of two separate areas (seating and dining).

  • Ensuring the homeowners can beat any fall and spring chill, heaters were placed throughout the screen porch. This one feature is the easiest way to extend the amount of time you can enjoy your screen porch throughout the year.

  • Pop-out for the BBQ. A small but important touch, a structural pop-out on the deck was added for the BBQ. This meant there wasn’t any dead space created by that grill.

  • Gas fire wall and glass handrails. To enjoy the gas fire wall with the most unencumbered view possible, contemporary glass handrails were used directly behind it.
Urbana porch outdoor kitchen screened porch
Urbana porch outdoor kitchen 8

Personalizing the Project to Your Life

This project is a perfect representation of how an outdoor living space should reflect how you want to use your home.

Here are some of the key ways the homeowners made this space their own:

  • Stained cedar ceiling. This stunning ceiling gives the entire space a lovely, woodsy, outdoor feel. Exactly what the homeowners wanted.

  • Brown posts and minimal handrails. To make the space feel as open as possible, the colors and materials were chosen to blend in and to leave views unobstructed.
  • 3-panel sliding door. This wide door helps create a feeling of connection between the outside area and the kitchen. This helps the new space tie into the existing home and feel more cohesive.

  • Storage underneath the screen porch. To use every available square inch, storage was added underneath the structure on both side. This space houses everything the homeowners need for backyard enjoyment.

  • Built-in in-floor electrical access box. These extra plugs were added to ensure every necessary gadget and convenience could be used in the outdoor living space.

  • Eclectic look and feel. Lot of different materials, textures, colors, and styles were used in this project. This mirrors the thoughtful and whimsical décor of the interior.

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“The homeowners on this project definitely helped us create a space that was the best of both worlds. All the comforts and protection of an indoor space with all the look, feel, and openness of the outdoors.”

—James Moylan, Owner, Design Builders

Urbana porch outdoor kitchen 17
Urbana porch outdoor kitchen 35

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