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What is the cost of building a screen porch in Northern Virginia?

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Jodie Hinman

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Screen-Eze_screeneze_ screen_porch

When you walk into the grocery store and find a bag of chips marked $2.99, you know you're going to be forking over more dough than that at the register. The same holds true for unique screened porches, though on a scale beyond the standard sales tax.

So how much does it cost to build a custom screen porch in Maryland or Virginia? The answer is, there is no definitive figure. While you can receive a quick price quote as part of an online consultation, actual estimates will otherwise vary on an exclusively case-by-case basis dependent on the following factors:

  • Plans and Permits - This includes the full set of building plans for the project, permit, and stickers
  • Site Preparation/Demolition/Debris Removal and Disposal/Clean-up - Sites need to be prepared prior to a build and cleaned up when the job is done. In most cases, this includes a standard dumpster rental
  • Screen Porch Flooring - The material used as flooring can range from pressure treated wood or PVC deck board to a composite, cap-stock choice. Each option has its benefits but also its own price segments.
  • Porch Railings - These may be required by local codes if a porch is 30" or more above the construction grade. Your rail options also vary from pressure treated wood, vinyl rails, composite rails, or even a hybrid
  • Roof Structure - Different architectural features have unique associated costs. The most
  • common types of roofs are gable roofs, hip roofs, and shed roofs
  • Ceiling Finish - T111 pine finish, painted pine, cedar, or a PVC material are just some options available
  • Electrical - This category includes an electrical permit, circuits, switches, and the lighting options of your choice
  • Lighting and Extras - These may include recessed lighting, wall lights, ceiling fans, flood lights, infrared heaters, speakers, and outdoor television sets
  • Stairs - These costs encompass the landing(s), steps, risers, stair rails, graspable handrail, and riser lighting.

Okay, there is no definitive answer, but give me one anyway

 When it’s all said and done, the price for a screened porch is typically around $175/SF. Expect a 16’ x 12’ room to cost $34,000.

While this will be a sizable investment for your home, the good news is that it yields an excellent return on investment, or ROI, averaging over a 75% pay back.

Here are 2 interesting articles that go into more detail on ROI for home improvement projects:

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